Questions and answers


What is the minimum age for hiring a vehicle?

The minimum age for hiring one of our vehicles is 21. The customer must have been in possession of a full driving licence for at least 12 months.


Who can I contact in the event of questions or suggestions?

Please call us or contact us by e-mail at


How long in advance do I have to book a vehicle?

We recommend doing so 7 days in advance in order to ensure the vehicle of your choice.


Can I cancel a reservation? If so, up to what point?

You can cancel your reservation at any time. However you must do so prior to the final 48 hours before the start of the rental period as the agreed rental fee will otherwise be due.


Can I hire winter tyres, navigation systems or other extras at >Willig FHD mobil Autovermietung<?

You could for example hire a portable navigation system if a vehicle was not equipped with its own navigation system. Our prices for this are as follows:
€5.00 per day
€20.00 per week
Winter tyres cost an extra €5.00 per day
up to a maximum of €20.00 per week
Please contact us about any additional requests.


Which documents do I have to bring when I come to pick up the vehicle?

The customer must bring their original driving licence (not a copy) and identity card plus a credit card. We accept Visa, Master and Maestro cards.
We request that you bring these documents with you so that a seamless handover is possible.


Is it possible to travel to other countries during the rental period?

In general it is only possible to travel abroad by prior agreement. If contraventions occur, the vehicle will be confiscated/seized on the spot.


When do I pay for my hire car?

Payment is always in advance. The fee for hiring the vehicle can either be charged to the credit card in full or the fee can be paid in cash in addition to the deposit.


How much is the deposit?

A deposit of a minimum of 1,000 Euros (depending on the model) must be paid for each hire transaction, either in cash or when making the booking with your credit card.


What happens if I exceed the agreed distance limit?

Some charging structures include a restricted number of kilometres. If this limit is exceeded, each additional kilometre will be charged at a minimum of €0.15/km depending on the model. The number of kilometres agreed in the rental agreement plus the charge for each additional kilometre are shown on the front of this rental agreement.


How do I go about returning the vehicle?

The customer is obliged to return the vehicle in accordance with the stipulations regarding time, date and location in the rental agreement. If >Willig FHD mobil Autovermietung< makes a request for the vehicle to be returned ahead of schedule for a cogent reason, the customer must comply with this. It is only possible to return the vehicle during normal office hours. The vehicles must be returned with a full tank of fuel.


Can I also return the vehicle outside the normal opening times?

It is normally only possible to return a vehicle during normal opening times. Please contact us by telephone to discuss returning the vehicle outside our normal opening times.


What should I do in the event of an accident?

The police must be informed whenever an accident occurs and an official police record of the accident/damage must be insisted on. >Willig FHD mobil Autovermietung< must be informed immediately. Witnesses must be found and evidence collated. The addresses of the parties involved must be noted and everything possible must be done to assure proper establishment of the cause of the damage and the course of events. The customer is not permitted to admit liability in any way or pre-empt any claims for liability in any way by making payments and/or any actions which could be seen as admitting liability (this would endanger the insurance cover).


Who should I contact in the event of theft of or theft from the vehicle?

The police must be informed immediately and then >Willig FHD mobil Autovermietung<.


Will my personal data be treated as confidential?

We regard the confidentiality of your personal data as a matter of the utmost importance. We do, of course, adhere to the legal stipulations regarding data protection. Your personal data will neither be sold to third parties nor made available to them. We will process and use your data for processing and implementing the agreement, to ensure continuation of the customer relationship and to send you information about our latest offers and prices.


How am I insured?

All our vehicles have third party insurance in accordance with legal stipulations. There is also the option of paying a small surcharge to upgrade to fully comprehensive insurance with a 1,000 Euros excess.

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